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Captcha solver for skillrack.

Use GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey to run the script.

⚠️ Please disable the script if you are attending a test as it might lead to unintended effects.

⚠️ Attempting to navigate the page while the captcha solver is running may lead to unintended effects. If it gets stuck in a loop, closing and opening the tabs will fix it.

Optional username parsing

You don't need to do this unless you have a username containing '+' and numbers together.

The script handles most of the username checking by itself except when the username might contain special symbols which might mimic the captcha. You can fix this by replacing the USERNAME variable on the top of the script to match your username from the captcha image.

For example, if the captcha is:



change the first line (by visiting the greasemonkey/tampermonkey dashboard) as

const USERNAME = "abcd123+21@xyz";

and save the script.